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The Race for the Cure is On!!
Jack and Callista were the perfect couple. Both were as happy as seals (seals?). One day while meeting Callista at the park where they met, Jack learned the devastating news that Callista was diagnosed with a cold... just kidding i meant cancer. Devastated by this devastating devastation, Jack became a wreck.

Callista tells Jack the news.
Amidst his devastation, Jack encountered a crazy old man who claimed he had created a cure for cancer. After a quick persuasion tactic from the old man, Jack knew this cure was his only chance to save his love. Unfortunately, the olde man hid the cure far away. So with only a map, a stick ,and Jack's long time friend Augustus, he set out to find Callista's only chance of survival. Join them in this touching tale of courage, friendship, true love, and cancer. Coming May 31.

The Cure... on CDs everywhere! And on DVD!

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Now here: the preview for The Cure!!!


Jack seems to be in over his head.

Jack meets "The Oreo" (in the Extended Version)