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Stefan in the upcoming movie, "The Cure".

Stefan is co-creator of Golf War Studios. He and the other co-creator, Kenny, go back awhile. They first met each other while on the battlefield in Vietnam. On the day that they met, Kenny was in a convoy, heading east into a classified area that was thought to be secure. All of a sudden, the convoy was ambushed by some Vietnamese civialians who owned a nearby narcotics farm. The truck in front of Kenny, in a convoy doing about 45-50 mph, was atomized into nothing but a wall of fire in just under two seconds. Kenny was standing in a jeep-like truck, manning a mounted cannon, when the truck was hit.

He was thrown backwards, and amazingly enough, he was not run down by the truck behind him because it swerved off the road into a pasture. That didn't really matter, though, because Kenny was quite unconcious and sprawled out on the road.

Stefan was in the second half of the convoy, and his vehicle was quite a ways back from the front, so they didn't even know what had happened. When the convoy stopped suddenly, it took a couple of seconds for the sound of the explosion and the sight of the fireball rising in the air to reach them. As soon as it did though, everyone bailed out of the truck and raced up to help.

Stefan tripped and managed to turn it into an elegant dive into the irrigation ditch next to the road. That was the only cover besides the trucks, and he wanted to stay away from the trucks. They were like huge water balloons of petrol. If a shell or whatever these Vietnamese were shooting at them pierced one of them, it'd be sweet dreams for anyone within the blast range. Ironically, the burning truck was probably the safest of them all since it had already exploded and was now just burning off the gas in the tank.

Anyways, Stefan waded through the muddy water until he was alongside the burning truck, so that he could see in front of the convoy. He settled down nice and low to avoid detection, and watched the trees in the distance. Presently he heard the "rat-tat-tat" of some sort of tripod-mounted machine gun. He scanned the trees quickly, stopped, wiped his eyes free of dust, and continued to watch. He presently caught sight of a muzzle flash at about 11 o'clock, just to the left of the road.

He turned to look for the rest of the guys, so that he could point out where the gun was. As he signaled to a private as to where it was, he caught a glimpse of something out of his left eye.

That one's gonna hurt.

Yup. That one hurt.

It was Kenny! The explosion had knocked him unconcious, and the position of the trucks around him had hidden him from view of everyone. Stefan cursed to himself, (in amazement, not anger) and jumped up out of the ditch.

Someone screamed at him to get down, so he did. He flung himself into a low, flat dive, and rolled behind the burning truck, leaving a wet spot from his soaked camos. The bullets from the machine gun skimmed the ground where he had just landed and actually made little splashes in the pudddles left behind by his pants.

He grabbed Kenny's boots, the only thing within reach, and dragged him behind the truck, and, still caught up in the action, he smacked Kenny on the shoulder to try to wake him up. Maybe a little too hard. Kenny, having been partially woken when Stefan dragged him around the truck, looked up, muttered something in French, and smacked Stefan back. (It snowballed after that. Later, they boasted that they are the only two guys in the war that have played a game of "dead arm" on the battlefield.)

Once they had met, it was only a matter of time before GWS was founded. Of course, Kenny will try to tell you differently, but that's the true story. It is a story of humor, heroism, more humor, and a couple of close calls.