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A Madman Escaped... His Story
Years ago, Steely Money was taken to a insane asylum. There he was watched under close eyes. They took him to "be helped" with his skitzophrenia condition. One day, however, his doctor had too much rum and fell asleep. Steely slipped out using three chickens, two ducks, and one fountain pen (long story, don't ask).

Now he was loose again, this time with a new identity. He believed himself to be Stu Darwin, the Enviromentalist. Of course he had no idea what he was doing, so he ended up killing the poor animals. His exploits eventually led him to Seqouia Middle School where he was caught filming "special edition" nature shows.

As you can see, Steely Money is still rather looney.
In these nature shows he would get up close and personal with some rather interesting animals. He claimed they were overrunning the school, but we know better. He ended up killing these animals in very obscure amd graphic ways.

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I wonder what he's doing with that...?

Stu's got an interesting hat there...